I believe very deeply in freedom of the press and you can't fulfill your function unless you're free.

Izzy Stone as he was better known, was a groundbreaking investigative journalist who set the bar for championing unpopular causes. Born Isidor Feinstein, he was already writing for newspapers in high school and it didn’t take long for him to work his way from Philadelphia to New York’s dailies, first at the New York Post—during which time he changed his name to I.F. Stone—then as editor of The Nation, and later still writing for the New York Star, the Post, and The New York Daily Compass.

By this time he’d made a name for himself in the journalism mainstream—often finding himself on Meet the Press.

He was a gritty journalist, ready to dig deep for truths and unafraid on ruffling feathers. It was a stance that caused him to be blacklisted, but undeterred, he went solo—forming his own weekly under his own name. It was a bold move that paid off.

His newsletter didn’t have the circulation reach of major dailies, but it did have the eyes of prominent academics, politicians, and journalists. Stone could now continue reporting on McCarthyism, racial discrimination, and warmongering without fear of editorial muzzling—setting an example for future independent investigative journalists fighting to get their work to the people.

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